4 Phase Fabrication is a craftsman owned and operated business focused on delivering top quality products and services. We specialize in high quality fabrication to include custom parts, unique gifts, awards, custom logos, signs and more.

A number of products are available through our online store. As for anything else, send us a note.

Built to last. Made in America. Semper Fi!


RedSkins Logo/ Desktop

Large Butterfly

Studebaker Authorized Service Sign

Come and take it! Ar15

Square fire pits

T-Rex 3D Dinosaur Sculpture (Medium size)

wine bottle holder-JMU

grow dammit

come and take it

metal sunflower


Custom Made Metal Silhouette

Sun Dial

GPS coordinate sign

Circle artwork

Texas Star-Stars and Stripes- Painted Red

Metal Star- Texas Stars- 3D Star